Tinting is a process of depositing color to the eyebrows and/or eyelashes to enhance or increase the natural look, shape, depth and dimension of the hair. Tinting can be done in an array of colors ranging from auburn, light blonde to dark blonde, light to medium brown, blue-black and black. The process is a gentle, simple yet effective service taking anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending upon the clients preferred look and the porosity level of the hair's ability to take on the newly deposited color. Tinting can last approximately 3-6 weeks prior to natural fading and hair grow out before a touch-up is needed. Tinting is a great alternative for fair hair colored clients with light brows and lashes that normally have a need for mascara to enhance and create attention. Tinting is also a great alternative to brow pencils and powders allowing a semi-permanent color to remain for weeks in place of your day-to-day makeup routine.

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